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Data Mapping

POC: Data Mapping with Fides

Our POC (Proof of Concept) guides are intended for enterprise organiations evaluating Fides deployed in their environment and are a helpful way to guide you through deploying and evaluating the world's leading privacy engineering platform.

Prerequisites Guide for AWS Data Mapping and Data Inventory

Please follow these guides, in order, for the appropriate environment to get started quickly with your Fides POC (Proof of Concept):

In-House Systems

AWS ProvisioningProvision AWS CredentialsAWS Guide to provisioning Access Key (opens in a new tab)
SQL Database Credential ProvisioningProvision a service account for Database AccessFides requires read-only permissions for classification.
Kubernetes Deployment (If Self-Deploying)Access to deploy to AKSAWS Guide to setting up Helm with EKS (opens in a new tab)

Third Party SaaS

Credential ProvisioningProvision Access Keys for third party systemsRefer to vendor documentation for seeding third party system data
Seed Test DataEvaluator will provision sandbox data in a non-production environmentExample: Stripe - Generating test data (opens in a new tab)

POC Checklist for Data Mapping

In-House Systems

Fides Scanning & Data MappingScan the AWS InstanceFides guide to scanning AWS Infrastructure
Classify Sandbox AWS MySQL DatabasePerform a classification and view results.
Create a System in Fides and link MySQL DatasetLinking the dataset to a system.Adding Data Uses and Processing Acitivites
Visualize Datamap, Filter Data, and Export a ReportSee, explore, and understand your Datamap.Data Mapping and Report Exporting

Third Party SaaS

Integrate Third Party SystemFides will use it's data dictionary to identify PII.Example: Stripe - Configuring the integration