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Data Classification

The Fides Classifier is an extensible machine-learning classification engine, built on natural language processing and named-entity recognition. Fides utilizes these classification strategies to label potential sources of personally identifiable information with Fides' human-readable description taxonomy, and help automate the complex task of identifying PII in your application.

Running the classifier

Fides represents the schema of a given database as a dataset, which allows the contained information to be accessed in a standardized, consumable format. When adding a new dataset to your instance of Fides, premium users are provided the option to classify the dataset at the same time it is generated.

Classify a Dataset

To use the classifier, leave Classify dataset selected when connecting to your database via a connection string. Fides will automatically scan the provided resource to determine where the data resides, and then list what type of information the given database contains.

Classification results

Once connected successfully, Fides will create a series of datasets to represent the database, accessible via Datasets in the UI. Using several machine learning strategies, these datasets are then classified into categories based on the column names and contained content.

Classification In Progress


Depending on the size of your database, classification may take several minutes.

You will then be asked to review and approve the generated classification labels. Datasets which have been fully scanned, but not approved, will be listed as Awaiting Review.

To continue, select Load Dataset with any dataset row highlighted, and review the data categories assigned to the results:

Classification Results

Approve classification categories

Selecting any row will allow you to review the categories assigned by Fides, as well as Fides' percent certainty of classification.

Confirm the final classification from the drop-down list, and select Save to continue.

Classification Review

You are now ready to approve your results by selecting Approve dataset classification, and move on to the next dataset.

Classification Status

Congratulations! You've fully classified your first dataset, and are now ready to learn how a fully-classified dataset can help empower your visual datamap.