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Fides Enterprise

Interested in what Fides Enterprise has to offer? Check out our options for teams and businesses, or book a demo today.

In addition to the open-source experience, Fides provides premium features for businesses looking for enhanced automation and privacy compliance.

From data map visualizations to machine learning-backed data classifications, Fides is built from the ground up to deliver powerful full-stack data privacy governancee to empower every privacy stakeholder in your organizaion.

Enterprise features

Automated Data Mapping

Discover, classify, and visualize your entire data ecosystem. Maintain map accuracy as your systems evolve with dynamic updates.

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Machine Learning Data Classification

Identify and classify personally identifiable information according to the open-source and extensible Fides taxonomy.

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Enhanced Data Masking

Pseudonymize your data with powerful masking strategies built on natural-language processing (NLP) and text identification.

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