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Configure Connections

Fides Connections represent integrations to third-party applications, databases, or manual storage locations.

Connections List

To get started, navigate to your hosted UI, which is available at http://{server_url}/ (e.g. http://localhost:8080/) when your webserver is running.

Add a connection

To add a new Connector, select "Create New Connector" from the Connections panel. You will be directed to a list of all available connection options, including adding manual connectors.

Add A Connection

Search for and select your desired connector. The Connectors UI will assist in adding and configuring your new connection.

Automated connections

Fides automatically includes your SaaS connectors when processing privacy requests. Once you have selected a connection type, the UI allows you to describe your connection's configuration information, which includes any necessary fields for accessing and updating third-party data.

Configure Connections

Once you have filled in the necessary information, select Save, and Fides will automatically attempt to test your connection.

Manual connections

Manual connections are available for any data that cannot be processed automatically. Examples of manual connections might include physical storage locations, or third-party services without accessible APIs. Fides will pause processing a privacy request at any manual connection, and wait for administrator input before continuing.

To add a manual connection, select Manual connectors in the "Show all connectors" dropdown.

Manual Connection

Once selected, Fides allows you to name and describe your manual connection, as well as provide a list of connection owners. These owners will be contacted by email when needed to respond to a privacy request with a manual component.

To continue, select Save.

Manual Configuration

You may now add any fields required by the manual connection. Connection owners will be required to supply this information when processing a manual request.

Manual Fields

Additional fields may be added by selecting Add new PII Fields.

One finished, select Save.

Next steps

With your connections configured, you are ready to generate datasets from your databases.