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Create Datasets

The Datasets panel allows you to easily view, add, edit, and configure datasets, which represent the information contained by databases and other systems. While Fides can create an internal dataset for standardized SaaS connections, your owned databases - and their custom schema - need to be scanned and annotated for personally identifiable information (PII).

Adding a dataset

Datasets can be added to the Fides UI by connecting to your owned databases, which will automatically generate a dataset of the contained tables. To add a new dataset, select Create new dataset from the Datasets panel.

Dataset UI

You will then be given a list of options for creating your new dataset:

Add A Dataset

Connect to a database

To generate a dataset by connecting directly to a database, select Connect a database using a connection URL.

Add A Connection

You will need to provide your database type from the dropdown, as well as the database URL string.

Once the required information is entered, select Create database. Fides will display a success notification when the process is completed.

Next steps

With your databases connected and your SaaS applications configured, you're ready to process a DSR!