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Sovrn Connector (Consent)

Implementation Summary

Sovrn does not currently offer an API connection for consent requests. When a user submits a request (ex. Opt Out), Fides sends an Email to the specified Email address requesting that they stop processing this user's information.

Consent RequestDescription
Opt-inNo action is taken.
Opt-outFides will send an email to Sovrn requesting them to stop processing user information.

Please follow the steps below to setup Sovrn connector.

Configuring Sovrn Connector

1. Log into your Fides Admin UI
2. Click on the Privacy requests tab

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on Connection manager

Step 3 screenshot

4. Click on Create new connection

Step 4 screenshot

5. Select Sovrn from the list

Step 5 screenshot

6. Enter a descriptive name for the connector

Step 6 screenshot

7. Enter a unique connection identifier

Step 7 screenshot

8. Enter the Recipient's Email Address (

Step 8 screenshot

9. [Optional] To test the connector, enter your email address and use the Test email button.

Step 9 screenshot

10. Click Save

Step 10 screenshot

Your Sovrn connector is now set up and ready to process consent requests!