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GPC: What is it and how to comply?

This tutorial is an easy to follow guide that describes what the Global Privacy Control, or GPC is, how to detect it, and how to support it for any tech stack.

GPC Step-by-step

What is the GPC

A brief introduction to what the GPC is and why you should support it.

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Consumers: How does GPC work?

A walkthrough of the typical consumer expeirence of the GPC.

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Developers: What is GPC and how does it work?

For engineers, a technical overview of the GPC and how to support it.

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Legal Teams: How do I comply with GPC?

For legal teams, how to consider applying GPC across regulations.

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GPC Step 01: Detect & Record GPC Signals

How to detect and correctly process the GPC signal.

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GPC Step 02: Define where the GPC applies

Considerations for which geographies to apply the GPC.

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GPC Step 03: Enforce signal across systems

Ensuring that the GPC preferences are applied across systems and vendors.

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GPC Bonus: Remember data flows everywhere

A GPC bonus and reminder that consent isn't just the front end, it's the entire tech stack!

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